Thursday, August 14, 2008

Furlough or no- the results...

Yesterday was the day the airline put out the list of new base assignments. The info said that if you didn't have a base assignment, you could expect to be furloughed. So we waited... and waited... until 5pm central time. On pins and needles we logged in to find out our fate and found that....... wait for it ....... the bid announcement was delayed until Monday 8/18.

Super secrect word from a guy who knows a guy (whom I trust) says that the numbers will reach into the 360s, which is about 30 people below A. So maybe we are a smidgeon happier today due to that news. And life can go on semi normally through the weekend. We're guessing A will have a date with a crashpad in ERW (Newark, NJ) in the future.

I haven't forgotten about my blog. All is well on other fronts- we've moved to a bigger place, A is officially cancer free (for now), school starts for Kidzilla on monday, and I've become distracted by a new pursuit.

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