Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Turning point

Results are in for the furlough/base assignment list. And A made the cut by 28 people. He'll be based in EWR (blah!!!) when he goes back and will have marginal seniority, but at least he'll be based and not furloughed. Condolences to everyone who didn't make the cut (some 360+ pilots). Our friend was the #2 guy to get furloughed.

I am so thankful b/c there is no way we can afford health insurance without a subsidy from his company. And this really isn't the time to be without it. And unemployment insurance doesn't even pay what we get from LTD. And of course, A is so looking forward to going back. I think he's secrectly counting down the days until he can reapply for that medical

We are working on making big changes for me too. I have become so incredibly BORED at my job that I am finally looking at going to graduate school. The nearest school to me with the program I want is in Tallahassee, about 2 hours away. So Kidzilla and I will move there for 1.5 years and A will split his time between being on reserve in NJ, working for his school in Jax and visiting us in Tally. It will be tough going, but I know we can make it through. I figure I'll be home alone while he's up in NJ anyway, I might as well be doing something that makes me happy during that time and it won't really matter where I'm alone at.

Of course, all of this could be upstaged at any time by the offer of a new more fulfilling job and/or finally getting pregnant. But I finally hit the point where I just can't put my life on hold waiting for what might possibly happen some day. So I'll go for what I want and make adjustments along the way if I need to.

A is very supportive at making this work. He knows what I gave up for him to move here to Jax a few years ago and knows now that it's time to return the favor. Once, I did someone else a favor to help them go to school and I'm still getting burned from that. Hopefully that decision won't effect my own chances at fulfilling my dreams.

Kidzilla started school yesterday too. First grade already. In true boy style, he couldn't tell me a thing that he did in class yesterday, nor the names of any one in his class. This weekend I've got to stock up on some winter clothes for him to get through the year.

We are expecting a tropical storm (Fay) to hit here late tonight and tomorrow. It shouldn't be too bad, unless it swings far east, over the ocean, and then back west to us.

A good storm to wash and blow away debris will be a fitting start to us turning in new directions.


Spotty said...

"A good storm to wash and blow away debris will be a fitting start to us turning in new directions."

Very very nice analogy for you guys. Congratulations on making it by and and starting a new, in so many ways!

Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYY! I'm SO Pleased for you! I was wondering where you've been recently. Intrigued to know what your new 'distraction' is btw!?

Someday said...

E- The distraction is the focus on Graduate School. Picking one, applying, testing, organizing how it's going to work...

S- Thanks. I KNOW you are keeping an eye on the storm for us.