Thursday, July 17, 2008

Storm clouds gathering

Word is there will be about 430 furloughs from A's airline. He's in the 390's from the bottom of the list. We are holding out hope that 40 more people than anticipated take the early out options that are being offered.

Although we stand to lose the small amount of disability income that we are getting (55% of first year regional salary, remember), it's the slowdown of the industry overall that worries me. We'll be in much worse shape if he gets laid off from the flight school where he is currently supplementing his income a bit as well.

On the personal front-
I didn't get the job offer I was expecting. Turns out, a would-be co-worker wrote a marginal review of me. Turns out that a former co-worker of hers ended up getting the job. It's left a bad taste in my mouth but I'm not sure I want to give up the benefits I have here to start over with another company. But I'm keeping my eye out.

14 months of unexplained infertility and 3 failed rounds of fertility treatments are wearing on us. I never thought (who does?) that I would be in this position and I hate it.

Kidzilla came home from his 5 weeks away. It's nice to have him home, but goodness, it's like having a tornado in the house.

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