Monday, June 30, 2008

The perils of living with a pilot- Episode 34

While driving to the library during a late afternoon thunderstorm:

S: Geez, I can't believe it's raining so hard. Are you sure you can see anything? I can't see for crap with this rain. I'm glad I'm not driving.

A: It's not that bad, I've still got about a half mile visibility. No need to file for IFR, we can still go VFR.

This past weekend I was also forced to watch Air Force One so that A could point out all of the airplane and flight inaccuracies and impossibilities.

Also this weekend, I met a Navy Flight Engineer while out at a bar. We live in a town with two Navy bases, both of which have active flight lines- we have a lot of posers who say they are pilots to be cool. So I promptly asked him to recite his after landing checklist. I even had to give bonus points because he couldn't keep his hands still while he was doing it- they kept reaching for imaginary switches and dials. I've caught a couple of fakers with this little trick.

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