Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clearing out the cobwebs

This spring has brought us the urge to do some much needed cleaning and updated in parts of life. It feels so good to be able to let go of THINGS, both tangible and intangible. A's recovery from cancer has given both of us an excuse to start things fresh.

I spent a few hours this week (boss is out of town...) cleaning out old emails from my personal account. The 2005 angry back and forth emails from the crazy roommate I had to kick out, who then had the nerve to turn around and ask me if I would leave the cable on so she could come by and tape things during the day b/c she couldn't get cable at her new place. The emails from all of the people who contacted me via my profile in 2004/2005. The emails from the men I dated before I met A. I did keep all of the sweet emails from early on in A and my's relationship; when I recited some of the sappy stuff, he could not believe he had ever said it. Par for the course I guess. It was funny to go through all that stuff, but there's no need to keep it anymore.

We're moving out of the apartment finally. Well, we will be in another month. To a larger townhouse nearby. I'm so excited to not have to: park 500 feet away from my apt., listen to the downstairs neighbor's TV at all hours of the night, schlep my groceries up a flight of stairs. The new place is larger than what we've had so we're going to have to find some new to us furniture to fill it up a bit. And I've never, ever, lived in a 2 story place before.

We're taking the opportunity to purge a bunch of stuff again too. We really cleaned out when we moved to FL but we've accumulated a fair amount in the last 2.5 years. Books that we can check out from the library if we ever want to read them again. My wedding dress from my failed prior marriage (A was not happy about dragging that all the way to FL, but I insisted). Old aviation manuals and knee-boards. All that stuff that's been thrown in closets to be dealt with later. A put some old music on my ipod so I've been rocking out to the likes of Depeche Mode and Erasure lately. Always reminds me of the photos of A rocking the permed hair and trendy clothes in the 80's. Nothing like humiliation to bring your love closer...

I'm up for a new position at work. More responsibility and more in line with my college education and previous experience. Looking back, I seem to change jobs about every 2.5 years, once I've completely mastered them, so this new hunt is right on schedule.

There are a few things I'm not yet ready to let go of, like Kidzilla's baby toys, and a few things I wish I could let go of, like the student loan of Kidzilla's father that I'm still listed as a co-signer on. I think all that will come in time.

A is doing well getting back into teaching ground school. He quickly found out that not only were all his reference materials outdated, but he needed to brush up on some of knowledge. Going back to teaching initial instrument ground school in a single engine plane has reminded him of how much he used to have to remember. His schedule is much better this time around. He still gets called out with "this is the guy that happened to" when story time comes up. He's best well known as the instructor who had several students freak out in the plane on him- like the student who grabbed his arm and said "I've got a wife and kids" in a panic while doing a complicated (upside down?) training maneuver. A must have nerves of steel.

Kidzilla's been in California for 2.5 weeks now. He had a wonderful camping trip with Grandpa and Grandma to Mt. Lassen and Lava Beds National Monument. Camping and exploring caves at Lava Beds was one of my favorite trips as a kid. I miss Kidzilla, seeing his empty room and his artwork on the fridge, brings up a sigh every time. But, I do have to say, A and I have been living it up as child-less adults as well.

There hasn't been much aviation related to write about lately, haven't found any inspiration in A's return to flight instructing. It's been 4 months since A last flew. Which feels like an eternity considering everything we've been though since then. Any topic requests or book reccomendations are appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I ditched my old wedding dress the second my ex was out of the door! I didn't even charity shop it, as I thought it might be cursed with bad luck! Haha!

msflyerswife said...

Congrats on the new, bigger place...the rest of us in the industry need to downsize, haha! Seriously, don't you talk about the irony of it all now that the dreaded f-word is happening all over?? My kids are with mimi and poppy this week so i'm kidless as well...not so fun when dh is out of town as well, only so many chick flicks i can rent!! I'm glad to hear that A is teaching and can stay in the field he loves, even while not flying! Hope he's feeling good and you're enjoying that he's home every night?

Hilary said...

Just finished reading The Other Boleyn Girl, which was quite good...however the movie was terrible, so don't waste your time. Let me know about dinner sometime!