Sunday, November 4, 2007

When the unexpected happens

A called me this afternoon. They had to make an emergency landing on a flight he was crewing due to mechanical issues. He's fine, but does need to go to the hospital to get checked out due to overpressurization of the cabin. The crew had to be removed from the rest of their trips.

This is not a situation I thought I would be in after only 7 months on the job. I only know what he tells me, he doesn't have a lot of information. I wonder if he's withholding to try to keep me from worrying. It's killing me not to be there to find out first hand what's going on. It's hard to have whispered conversations with A and with my friends in the medical and aviation communities trying to keep any note of concern or upset out of my voice for the sake of our son. Trying to explain to our son why I am agitated and no, for god's sake you can not have another cookie right now so stop asking me.

I trust that everything will be all right. I have to because I don't want think about what could have been. I am in awe that he will be able to turn around and come home via airplane. If it were me, I'd opt for Amtrak. I guess he doesn't have a choice thought, the sky is his home. But for today, I'm happy his feet are on the ground.

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