Friday, September 7, 2007

Return of the model wife

A is coming home tonight. For three full days of family time. Panic is setting in and I'm realizing that I need to clean up the house and just generally get my Stepford on (thanks MSwife, that was exactly the image I was thinking of). He won't arrive until 10:45pm or so, it's a 9 hour trip from coast to coast, so I have some time. I'll probably stop short of greeting him at the door in lingere with a fresh coat of lipstick and a martini in hand. In reality, I'll probably be asleep in an old tee shirt when he arrives...

Last return, he was kind enough to bring me some high end hotel samples and a box of chocolates. Just because. It's nice to be appreciated once in a while.

PS, if you have kids and you haven't already posted, check out the previous post and leave your observations. It's like a giant science project.

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