Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The apple fritter dilema

A flew back out to his base on monday after a nice, relaxed, full weekend at home. And was blessed with a 3:31am phone call on tuesday telling him he had a trip scheduled. Starting with a deadhead that left at 6pm that night. Gee guys, thanks for the advance warning; with that late of a show time, perhaps it wasn't quite so urgent and you could have waiting to call until say... 7am? The trip includes an overnight in our town, so that's a nice treat for us. Although A is opting to stay at the hotel overnight due to the am show time, we're planning on dinner and hanging out together. Then he'll fly back to base thursday and turn around and (hopefully) come home friday for another weekend. What a life!

Yesterday, as we were on the phone and he was telling me all of this, a friend stopped by my desk with a beautiful, fresh apple fritter, direct from our local bakery. It was warm, apple smelling, a golden color with a tastely glazed finish, sitting right there on my desk. But I couldn't delve into it b/c I was on the phone with A and didn't want to be rude. It was 11am and I had missed my morning snack (10am sharp) and I was super hungry and that pastry just looked SO GOOD. But A had made an effort to call me and wanted to share his news and I didn't want to interupt him for an apple fritter. And with the way schedules change, I didn't know when I'd get to talk to him again. But he was going on and on andonandonandonandonandon. And all I could think about what how tasty that fritter was going to be. I finally politely got him off the phone and boy was that fritter WAS good. Oh, the sacrifices we women have to make for our men sometimes!

So, A, that's why I had to ask you 3 times where your overnight was going to be when we were on the phone- I was distracted by that darn apple fritter but didn't want you to feel less important to me than a pastry.

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