Thursday, May 24, 2007

Returning to normal or some semblance thereof...

A did make it home Saturday after all. Even managed to get his ID before he came home so he could use the crew line for security and jump seat on a few flights while he's waiting for his IOE. No idea yet how long he'll be home with us or where he'll be assigned once he officially starts. Right now is the rush to figure out all the new hire stuff, direct deposit, how to avoid the seemingly endless emails from ALPA, how to bid and all the other tasks that come with starting at a new company.

It's been nice to have him home, but it has taken some getting used to on both our parts. He wakes up at 2:30am and panics because he thinks he's late for his sim time. All he dreams about is flying RJ's and emergency procedures. The arms still fly up reaching for controls when I bump into him at night. He's so unused to having free time and not being directed by scheduling or a syllabus of checklists to cram that he spent an entire day doing nothing b/c he didn't know what to do first. We realized that now that his friends have also been hired away by airlines that he has few friends left in town to hang out with. An hour after he came home I told him to go back to IAH because I was already tired of him and his opinions. I'm bristling at having to share the absolute power in decision making for the household. We have different ideas of what we want to do on friday night, Memorial Day weekend, after dinner. Sometimes being relieved of childcare duties leaves me feeling left out, instead of freed up.

But it's also been so sweet to just be able to hang out with him again. Listening to the giggles coming from the bedroom while I'm in the shower, walking hand in hand after dinner down by the river, having him tell me how much he missed sleeping next to me. Being able to have conversations with another adult about things is priceless. So we work through the tough spots and enjoy the tender ones.

Next month we'll be attempting to non-rev out to a family wedding in the mid-west. With 2.5 months of seniority. I'm doing my best to maximize our chances of actually getting on. I've non-reved all my life, but I was born into 12+ years of seniority, so this will be a first for all of us. We'll see how it goes.

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