Monday, May 14, 2007


We are in the homestretch for training. Only 5 days until A comes home to stay (for a few weeks at least). Part of me can't believe we've made it though 7 weeks of this. The other part of me thinks- duh, of course you did, was there any question?

Poor A is finally getting sick. It's kind of a wonder he made it this far without. I'm sure the combo of insane hours, multiple people in and out of the sims, unhealthy restaurant food and stress all contributed. But knowing that he is at the end and can come home to recuperate keeps him going. He said his last eval ranked him "above average". Hearing that puts a smile on my face.

While I'm excited for him to come home, his dropping in and out is disrupting to the schedule that M and I have created. It's hard to go from being the only parent, having executive privilege in making decisions, to having to weigh someone else's opinions. And I'm a little disappointed to be giving up the closet space I've been accustomed to in the past few weeks. I know it's as hard for A to drop in as it is for us, so I try to make it easier for all of us. A does his best as well, taking over running errands, doing daycare drop-off/pick-up and anything else I need (ie. don't want to do). Yes, his days here are his days off and he deserves some time to relax, but my weekends off are consumed with business as well. It's not fair to be excused from contributing just because your day off is a Tuesday or because you work far away. Luckily, A is just as committed to making this work and I can be a very persuasive girl ;) It's hard to come out and admit that I'm not 100% excited for him to come home; not exactly the homecoming anyone wants. But we've talked about it already and he's prepped for a possible cold shoulder for a day or two. I'm open to advice on this one- how to integrate the frequent comings and goings with my own desires to be the one in charge and him feeling detached from our lives, balancing letting him be a parent with watching the disaster when things get out of sync.

My parents announced that they were coming out to FL for M's preschool graduation. Good news because a) we haven't seen them since the wedding in Dec. and (more importantly) b) M will happily stay with them in a hotel room, allowing A and I to have some time to ourselves. Outside of a few evenings out at the bar, we haven't been alone since our honeymoon. Certainly nothing so extravagant as an entire night alone. M will be spending 4 weeks with his father in CA this summer, so we're looking for that "aloneness extravaganza" as well.

Something that annoys me lately- that the training department thinks that telling the hotel staff to tell trainee's to go to another hotel when they arrive is ok. Really. They can't be bothered to call the 16 trainees to let them know? Shoot them an email? Isn't that what they have interns for? Being told to show up at Hotel A and being told by them to go to Hotel B just doesn't instill confidence in organizational ability.

I count my blessing every day that we have come this far so easily. And I do my best to share the knowledge and experiences I've gained with other spouses. Someday I'm going to develop a Yoda complex.

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