Thursday, November 9, 2006

It goes both ways

Just to point out that A does appreciate and reciprocate to my constant giving and accomodations to his schedule, I thought I would include this.

The other day it started raining here about an hour before I was due to leave work. Any rain within the 2 hours prior to my leaving sends traffic into a tailspin, leaving me rushed to get M from school and just frazzled in general. It's like every 10 minutes of rain directly equals 1 accident on my drive home. Anyhoo, I was stressing out about it, as usual, and called A to inform him of my headache. He took the time to leave work, get M from school and wait with him until I arrived home, and then went back to work to finish up. Yes, it meant that he had to stay later for the day, but also meant a less stressed out Someday. The give and take goes both ways in our relationship and for that I am grateful.

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