Monday, March 11, 2013

When did it all get so complicated?

I remember several years ago when Kidzilla and I could pick up and go to the zoo on a whim. When we had nothing better to do on a weekend than watch a movie while the laundry was going, interrupting only to do the occasional switch and fold. Somehow, insidiously, our weekend days have gotten just as hectic as our weekdays and I can barely schedule a time to visit the zoo. Laundry is punctuated by trips to the grocery store, target, gas station, and where ever else we've put off going all week. When I plan my week I try to add one small task per day to my night schedule- making a list, research, calling family- but even that is sometimes too much. I commented to A yesterday that I am usually good until Wednesday but by the time Thursday and Friday roll around all I want to do is crash when I get home. A does his best to help when he can but he has just had horrible schedules all year. Every line he gets is not good for commuting and gives only one, maybe two, days off at home. I guess it doesn't help that I'm now working a job that has me much busier and more on my feet than I was during that idyllic time but Kidzilla's and Babyzilla's demands of me are still small- stay home and play all day? Sounds great mom! And that I have been working on (and recently achieved) a personal goal of becoming a La Leche League leader. Somehow, I've got to find a way to get my groove back.

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