Friday, January 27, 2012

No news is no news

Wednesday was my birthday. Not a milestone one, but still something to be recognized. A was on a trip from Monday through Thursday so he wasn't home. Not really a big deal, but after a monumental miscalculation on his part, my birthday likely won't be a small deal anymore.

We're still thinking about moving to base eventually- due to things like "if we lived in base, I'd be home by now" syndrome and "I don't want to pay for a crashpad"-itis. But today it is near 80 degrees (!) here. And we have the #3 and #5 ranked high schools in the nation here. And I have friends here. But, but, but...

Right now I'm just swamped at work with patients, swamped at home with the kids and the house and really just ready for the weekend already.

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