Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's all up in the air

A few days ago, I was doing the dishes and wondered if Amazon sold dish washing liquid because surely it was easier and quicker to just order it and have it arrive with my free two day shipping then it was to actually make a trip to the store after work to get some. It would be here by now. And I still haven't been to the store...

In a fit of insanity who knows what, A bid for and received all weekends off this month. Which is great because we get to spend time together as a family doing recreational family things. Except that when I really need help is on weekdays when I'm likely to get out of work barely on time, rush to pick up the kids and then arrive home tired, cranky and with a list of chores to accomplish to keep the house, and us, running.  A hates to have to spend his days off alone at home with a list of to-dos. We have rehashed this issue many, MANY times. If he wants us to support his *livin' the dream*, then he's got to make some sacrifices too.

Lately we've been revisiting the living in base option too. Commuting is wearing on A and takes away from our time together. But I really don't want to move to the cold, snowy northeast and I don't think A does either. Which leaves us... Texas. And while we've been there a few times and were seriously considering moving there until we found out about A's cancer, I just can't bring my self to be excited about it anymore. I like it HERE. By the ocean, where the job I already love to hate is, where I have a few friends, where I know where everything is. But then again, a one hour drive from the airport vs spending hours waiting for a 2.5 hr flight to get home. A dropped on me a few months ago that he expected to be a lifer at his airline which means we'd only have to move to base once, but now seems to be unsettled again.

Friends of A's who started with the airline only 6 months before him are upgrading to Captain. Which means (hopefully) that his time isn't too far off. Which, while making our home lives even worse by being at the bottom of the seniority list again, can buy me some happiness with the extra cash meaning I can cut back a little. Who knows how it will all shake down 6 months or a year from now- a few years ago A was 23 people from being furloughed. Now he has 600+ people below him.

As A once told a traveler who asked him how the severe weather at the time was likely to affect her travel plans- it's all in the hands of the lord.

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