Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Paying the piper

Because of A's accident prone-ness (longtime readers will recall the broken elbow incident prior to the cancer...)and due to our own experience benefiting from insurance payouts, we are firm believers in the need for insurance coverage. Sadly, by the time everything is deducted out, it leaves us woefully short on cash. But we'd be even shorter if we were caught uncovered, so we suck it up. Insurance and other deductions we shell out for:

health insurance
short term disability insurance
long term disability insurance
loss of license insurance

life insurance
long term care insurance
union dues (well not until A completes the final two weeks of his apprentice period)
401(k) deductions

Today A saw the oncologist and got the real, official "yes, you can go back to work now" nod. Because I wasn't able to go and I don't completely trust A to relay correct information to me (can you blame me?), I sent him with a list of questions to ask. We were very pleased to find out that he may not need to undergo the same type of testing he has been having, which requires 2 months off of work due to his meds, but there may be an alternative method of testing. If we can get the insurance to cover it. His doctor still wants to see him yearly, more just to keep up than anything, and also promised to put in a good word for me with the hospital social work dept. when it came time for my internship and job search.

Things seem good.


Flying High said...

Brilliant news on the health front! I'm so pleased for you both xx

Anonymous said...


I am tested in a way that I do not need to come off my medication and take time off from work. I do not need to come off my medication prior to my radioiodine scan. Instead in the 3 days leading up to my testing I have a nurse come to the house with injections. If this is what A is being offered and your insurance covers it, it really is such a massive change! Good luck! xx