Friday, February 5, 2010

Restarting our engines

We don't meet with the oncologist for a few more weeks because he's in Haiti right now. Nothing is for sure until then of course. Today the oncology nurse called and said A could go back on his medication because there's "no treatment needed".

When I got the news (at work), five minutes of good cheer erupted. Then I remembered that those fateful words probably mean I am once again going to have to share my husband with crew scheduling and five minutes of bad mood presided. We've still got several months ahead of us before that happens though.

For today, we're enjoying a new view of the horizon.


Spotty said...

HOO-RAY!! You'll need to change your blog's subtitle!

Sandy said...

I knew it!!!!

Diaries of a long suffering Military Girlfriend.. said...

That is wonderful.
:-) xx

Nicole said...

I am just so overjoyed that his outlook is good. What a bumpy ride these last two years have been! Crew Scheduling may get to share him, but you'll get your flight bennys back!