Wednesday, October 15, 2008

News on my mind

Ohhh, aviation news in MY part of the world! Not sure what to think of this yet- legit or slow news day? We have an aquaintance who does ATC at this center. Have to ask my pilot's opinion of the whole incident.

And also, we have heard that the government plans to auction off take-off and landing slots at ERW (Newark, NJ) due to overcrowding and constant delays. Which will in turn spell the end of RJ's at that airport and probably disaster for a few small airlines. Big airlines aren't going to fork out massive amounts of money just to have small airplanes fly in, they are going to want the most bang for their buck. And the reduction in flights on small planes will mean the reduction of service to smaller communities.

Oil prices have come down again to the point that if A's branch of his airline had not folded, they would have been making money (the break even point we heard was about $110/barrel). It's a shame they couldn't have held out a few more months until the price of oil fell again. I wonder if the CEO thinks the same thing...

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