Friday, May 30, 2008

The epic struggle between good and evil...

This time taking the form of our most recent battle with the HR dept. I swear, it's like some form of torture to get information out of them. Forget about anything useful being tossed our way. We spent last week trying to work out with them: when our insurance would be reinstated, whether A was on LTD yet, whether we need to apply for COBRA coverage in the meantime. Phone calls go to voicemail, so it's hard to actually get in contact with a REAL LIVE PERSON. Luckily I'm resourceful and managed to get ahold of an email for someone to get the ball rolling. They have assured us that A is now on LTD and our insurance coverage will be made retroactive so that there will have been no lapse in insurance. Although several days AFTER they said that, I went to get an RX and we were still listed as having been dropped at the end of April. Try getting ahold of someone useful at 4pm Friday on the eve of a 3 day weekend! So, we wait. We have received absolutely nothing from the LTD company to give us some clue about benefits. For the love of all that is good and holy, we are trying to deal with cancer here, perhaps we could be given a break and just be given some useful information instead of having to fight tooth and nail for somewhat helpful scraps!

On another note, branching off my observation last week that life would be different now that A was back to flight instructing, I found a post on another blog that I happened across (how? I can't remember) talking about the psychology of pilots (see May 26, 2008 post). I'm pleased to find some validation in my thinking that pilots are a distinct bunch.

Here in FL, we are just wrapping things up. Spring is almost gone bringing the oppresive summer heat and humidity. Schools almost out for Kidzilla. We (I) are (am) preparing (mentally) to pack Kidzilla off to CA for a block of time soon. It will be his 3rd summer away. I miss my constant sidekick like crazy when he's gone, but I can't deny that it's nice to have a taste of that non-parent freedom for a few weeks as well. We ended up postphoning the relocation to the IAH area and instead are moving to a townhouse here this summer and I'm still working out angles on a more fulfilling job as well. Our time in flux just seems to continue on and on.

OHHH, and I've added some new stuff to the sidebar as well- reader map, new blog link and updated aviation books. Enjoy

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