Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Catching up

It's been a long, busy two weeks for us all.
  • Kidzilla- lost his first two teeth, the first was swallowed while eating corn on the cob at a KFC.
  • A- seamlessly went back to work, leaving me alone to fend off such ponderable questions as "Mom, when you die can I have your room?" (Where did that come from? Does Kidzilla know something I don't?)
  • Someday- Took herself to court and won, mortifying and wrangling a bunch of money out of her babydaddy.

Overall, the trip to CA was good. We opted to fly on our bread and butter airline even though it meant a longer trip and more stops. But we were pretty much guaranteed seats so we took it. We accumulated nearly 8 hours of wait time in the Austin, TX airport, which was just short of a pleasure. All of our flight crews were friendly (especially after I brought some boxes of cookies on the way out). I did end up reporting one FA who was wearing Crocs with her uniform though. Aside from being a safety hazard (hmm, evacuating a flaming plane while wearing plastic shoes???), they just looked unprofessional. Am I a bitch? Maybe, but proper footwear didn't seem to be a problem for any of the other 5 FA's we had.

We came home to a mailbox stuffed with mail and to find A's new $500 headset having been left on our doorstep for 4 days by UPS. Bless my neighbors for not stealing it. Why it was not sent signature required, we'll never know.

A was able to commute up and meet us in CA for his 3 days off in between trips. The ease of commuting to the Bay Area, where we were staying brought up some discussion b/t us. My parents are moving out of their house there for 2 years and would probably be more than happy to rent it cheaply to us for the duration. The commute would be tons easier for A. Should we approach it? We decided to pass. Neither of us feels a great pull back to CA yet. We'd have to live in my parents house, unable to paint or decorate b/c they plan to move back in in 2 years. Us living there would give them less incentive to move their masses of furniture and stuff out. Plus, we run the risk of creating ongoing issues with babydaddy that we don't have living far away. And the kicker, we'd know that we would have to move again in 2 years and probably couldn't afford to stay in the area.

We are sticking with our plan to move to Houston in the spring. We've had to face that we won't be able to buy a house right away; partially due to said babydaddy being on a partially successful quest to ruin my credit. But we'll be content to rent for a year while we really take a chance to look around and see what's on the market.

We are settling back into the aviation life and having A come and go again. He just came home for a 5 day block. His holding a line was short-lived, due to line reductions and he's back to holding a relief line for February. It's a line, with designated trips still, but he won't find out when they are until very near Feb, which is a hassle. But we'll make it work. He's no longer in the bottom 10% of FO's in the company or at the base, which is good news for him. Thought to ponder for the day- why are trips usually 4 days long? Who decided that? Why can't they all be 2 day trips?

My 32nd birthday is coming up in just over a week. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad. Or how we'll be celebrating yet.

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