Friday, December 29, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel

We had a nice holiday break. A had 5 days off. In a row. It was amazing. I know, it'll be the last time that happens for a while. We're already thinking about how we might work next year. I made A sit down and update his logbook. Turns out, he's nearing that golden 500 hour mark that means he can start applying for regionals. It's good to see that he's made so much progress. December was a slow month for building hours with the wedding/honeymoon, kid's surgery and the holidays. A is now the senior instructor so has first dibs on the available hours. Plus they are down a few instructors now. Hopefully the rest will come quickly in the next few weeks.

Been fighting with the green eyed monster a little this month. Two of A's former training partners got hired by a regional. They both started out with more hours than he did, so it's no suprise. But it's still hard to see them go and wonder- when is it HIS turn? Sometimes feelings defy logic.

We are still undecided about what we are going to do. I know I'll stay here when A is in groundschool. Originally I was going to go with him when he hit the reserve stage, but now he is leaning more towards me staying here where I'm already settled. I'm torn between going with or staying. Is it really so hard to uproot? Probably apathy will make the decision for us in the long run. I guess if I really felt strongly one way or the other I would be compelled to change it though. We'll consider moving more seriously when he is able to bid a line.

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