Friday, November 9, 2018


October was a stressful month, but we made it through. It was rough with A being gone for 12 days straight and we definitely decided that while we are fine with the airline type schedule, a cargo type  schedule with a week plus gone then multiple weeks home is not for us.  A also came home from his meeting with many new t shirts (all union made) and glasses from the “Delta Pub”.  Overall it was a great experience for him. That was promptly followed by recurrent training a few days later. Luckily, A is not the one who feels the need to study up prior to a recurrent event. He’s never needed peace and quiet or to hang a poster and practice flows. And really, shouldn’t you be doing it correctly all along? Shouldn’t you already be confident in your knowledge and skills? So off he went to breeze through recurrent barely breaking a sweat. Since then, it’s been routine trips and minimal Fay’s off. We have a nice break off coming up. This week has been especially tough with A being gone and all three kids sick. I was off Monday after rocking a Cub Scout camping trip partially solo with three kids. Seriously. I put up a tent, in the rain, in near dark, by myself, and didn’t even lose a kid. I am Mam, hear me roar! Thanks to a cancelled flight, A wasn’t able to get to us unti early afternoon the next day. But we did fine thanks to the giving heats and helping hands of our scout family. We all came home tired and covered in bug bites. All the kids promptly got sick and I had to leave work early on both Wednesday and Thursday to get them from school. A doctor visit later and we had steroids and advice on humidifiers and benedryl dosage for all. We then had to return to the doctor Friday morning for a previously scheduled well-baby visit which got me into work 2.5 hours late.  And then fielded a request to come home early again, which I had to decline. These are the days that are the hardest. I have no tribe to help and I simply can’t leave early again, especially having come in late. I know A feels like shit too, not being able to help. This is the first time I really remember being stuck like this. A nice long weekend for the kids should help. Dad’s on duty Monday as it’s not a holiday for me ( yeah hospital life!). We are looking forward to time off for the Thanksgiving holiday and an actually family vacation in December. In which I will be dazzled by the fancy hotel while A is nonplussed because he stays in fancy hotels all the time. All in all, here’s to a restful weekend and a quiet, noneventful, upcoming week.

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