Sunday, February 1, 2015

Repeat cycle

Everybody who knows A or has been following my blog for a while knows that A is the epitome of Murphy's Law. If something bad is going to happen, it will happen to him. And anything that happens is of catastrophic proportions. Sometimes I wish I had known this before I had married him, but it's too late now.
A's had ankle pain flare ups as long as I've known him and they have greatly increased in frequency in the last few years. He was on a medication for gout that seemed to work but was costing us $80 per month. With insurance. We switched to the $5 per month medicine that doesn't work as well. Recently a was at the doctor and she ordered some autoimmune and other panels to see what else is going on. And true to form, A showed up with rheumatoid arthritis. Bam, now what? And true to form again, when A got the news, he texted it to me saying "the tests showed I have RA and none of the medications are FAA approved." Which left me breathless for a minute until I remembered A's tendency to both globalize and catastrocize (see here, curiously posted 5 years ago today) and I stepped back to do my own research. A has yet to see a specialist (waiting on the referral) but there do appear to be accepted meds. And there's a chance he tested positive but doesn't really have it; much like our celiac disease scare last year with Littleboyzilla. I posted our news on a few Facebook groups, looking for someone else who has been in our shoes. I didn't find anyone with direct experience, but did get lots of advice about and offers of green smoothies, essential oils, eating daily doses of raw veggies. What I really need to know is- how long is A going to be off work while we shepard this new issue through the FAA approval process. And what do I need to know going in to the specialist? Between the Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability and Loss of License plans, we are properly insured- but then what? That's the question we've been struggling with already- where would we go from here?
But for now, we're just taking it day by day, giving it over to God, and waiting for the next step to get here. Because that's all you can do when you are married to Murphy's law personified.

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Christy said...

Big hugs to you guys!