Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't think I don't think about it

I resolve all the time to write more frequently. But now that I don't have a job where I am bored and in front of a computer every day, it's harder to find the time. August has been challenging for us and September will continue to be stressful.

At the beginning of the month A was disqualified from flying while we waited for the FAA to process his special exemption for his medical. He only has to go through this for 5 years after his return, so only once more and then he'll be back to normal procedures to maintain his medical to fly. He ended up being off for roughly half the month(...unpaid...), which was good because we also bought a house and he was available for the myriad of phone calls, paperwork and goings on that homebuying brings. The day before he was due to go back to work with his newly minted, special exemption medical, he came down with... pneumonia. Really. Because he's A. So he called in sick for that trip and spent time recovering at home and packing. He then made one trip with no problems. Earlier this week, he was attempting to jumpseat to work for his next regularly scheduled trip only to find out that his airline had not reactivated him in the system and he was unable to jumpseat to work. Several phone calls and days later, we find out his HR dept extended his medical leave until the recent day and wiped the trip he already flew off his schedule. So now he's stuck trying to get all that straight, get paid for the trip he missed due to their error, and still manage to move into a new house. September brings his annual recurrent training along with his need to have is ATP written exam done, neither of which he has begun to study for yet. Once we clear those hurdles, we should be in good shape to get on with some boring, routine life for a while. But really, with A, it's always something.

The new house is good. I love our neighborhood- there is a boy kidzilla's age down the street, there are nightly driveway cocktails in the cul-de-sac, and some anonymous neighbor mowed our lawn for us yesterday. We have a lot of elbow grease to put into the house, but it's ours. I worry though- did we do the right thing? As renters, if A got furloughed, we would be able to get out and downsize to a smaller, cheaper (,crappier) place no problem. This is a little more permanent. And every time I read any aviation news, I feel insecure in what our future holds. And I hate this insecure feeling- everything dependant on this contract and that aggreement. I know really there is no security in anything- we could lose our home or my job tomorrow just as easily, but I guess it just doesn't seem to be as much in my face as A's job is. Or his just feels less stable.

A and I just continue to take it day by day and trial by trial with the hope that bright things are just around the corner. And we remain thankful every day for all the things that we DO have right now.


Amber said...

My pilot husband and I just bought a house and that fear of furlough/stike/etc is the reason we bought a house that was less expensive than we could afford on our current income. I was too nervous to be trying to pay a huge mortgage on my own in case something happens with his job. I still worry that his base might close and a million other things but that eased my fears some. You aren't the only one! :) Congrats on the house and nice neighbors!

Courtney said...

My pilot husband works in the training department for the same company as your husband ... maybe they've met!