Thursday, March 1, 2012

When Motherhood is hard

I came across two essays in an online magazine recently that I identified so much with. The first is about the daily rush and taking time to breath and just barely holding on- Surrounded. The second is about waiting for loved ones to return and the secret fear that they won't- Calendar. Both essays feel like things I think about on a weekly (if not more) basis.
A made it through is surgery fine and blessedly the tumor pathology was fine. So one more week and then back to work for him. Just in time to leave me with no one to babysit for Kidzilla's spring break. We just never seem to be able to get our timing right! So far I've kept A so busy at home that being a stay at home dad is a full time job. Which is how it should be :)


Sandy said...

So good to hear all went well in for the surgery. Whew! I was holding my breath for sure.

Christy said...

I'm so glad everything went well!!!!