Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Updating our roster

Forgive me, I know you've been waiting to hear...

Babyzilla was born 9 days early and arrived on December 27, 2010. His arrival was hastened due to a combination of growth retardation and virtually no amniotic fluid left- basically, he stopped growing and had no water to cushion him or his cord if I went into labor. He arrived into the world weighing just 6 lbs, 4oz. We ended up having to send a friend out to buy preemie diapers for our little bundle of joy. He is doing well now though and is over 10lbs at 2 1/2 months.

We were completely unprepared for Babyzilla's arrival- we had just assembled the crib and starting washing the baby clothes the day before. We went in for a routine check at the Maternal-Fetal Specialist (well, as routine as one can get when you have to see a specialist twice weekly for months on end) with the intent of going out for breakfast afterwords. We were told "go to the hospital immediately, you need to deliver this baby" and I spent the next 6 hours STARVING because I wasn't allowed to eat until the delivery. A managed to slip away from the hospital to grab a snack... Even though I didn't labor, my doula still came to the delivery and was a huge comfort! Everyone should have a doula!

The delivery was uneventful. I was taken to the OR and was grateful that A is so talkative. His 30 minute conversation about aviation, schools and work with the anesthesiologist kept my mind off the procedure. He also managed to snap some shots of the doctor pulling the baby out. I was so happy that A even got to be there, the nasty storms in the Northeast almost prevented him from coming home. As it was, he arrived home a day late from his trip due to mechanical issues that kept him in TN for TWO(!) days. A was only granted 6 days of emergency leave to be home but combined with his days off, it stretched into 16 days home. He's been back at work since but early comes home and takes over baby care during his days off.

All has gone well thus far. My parents came and stayed for 4 weeks, which was an amazing help. We've also had visits from my in-laws and an aunt. I'm already prepping to start my internship at the end of the month.

Several hours old

Dad leaving for the first time

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