Friday, April 16, 2010

The road not traveled

When I was on the dating circuit, I had this amazing ability to attract men named Jeff. I never knew their names when first approached, but I met three of them within a short time frame. I was still in the "getting to know you" phase when I met A. In order to keep them straight for my friends, I took to referring to them by the name of the city they lived in instead of by name. I thought it was a great plan and my friends appreciated it. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I can keep in touch with them and be reminded of the road I didn't travel.

San Jose got a sweet job with Microsoft and moved to Washington. He makes big bucks doing some kind of management thing with the Xbox. It looks like just recently he met the right girl.

Galt moved to Missouri, got married, had a daughter, got divorced and now makes big bucks doing some kind of computer stuff for Walmart.

Tracy stayed in... Tracy and got married not to long ago. He was already making big bucks at his car repair shop.

Instead of sticking it out with any of these nice gentlemen, I hedged my bets with A. And instead of living a life of ease and having a husband home every night, I've got the pilot who makes little bucks and is gone 4-5 days at a time.

There was a reason I bypassed them all and chose the glamorous life I now lead. I can't imagine having taken the journey of the past few years with anyone else.

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