Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Training pays off

Last Sunday we ran our first 5k. It was a great experience for both Kidzilla and me. Kidzilla was the youngest runner in the race and came in first in his age group. He beat me by about 25 seconds, with a time of 36:50.

Prepping for the race.

Approaching mile 3

At the finish line


Sandy said...

Way to go Kim and Kidzilla!!!!!

Runblondie26 said...

Way to go guys! A 5K is really long for 7 year old. You did a good job getting him ready.

Lura said...

Hey, I just happened upon your blog because the title is similar to mine (the sweet life of a pilots wife). My husband is a flight instructor looking for students, and his dream is to someday work for the airlines.
Anyway, I think it's awesome that you ran a 5K with your son! What a great thing to do together.