Wednesday, April 2, 2008

We made it!

Woohoo! Several items of good news today.

We made it past the one year mark and now qualify for FML time. This is huge for us because it means we'll get to keep our health insurance and won't have to pay for coverage out of pocket. Also, we have, almost in hand, the long awaited, completed LTD paperwork. We can now send it in and get qualified for LTD (income and insurance protection). AND we found out from the Dr (who is familiar with the FAA) that the after treatment waiting period is only six months, not one year, before A can reapply for his class 1 medical. Of course, with government processing time, it will take several more months to actually GET the medical, but at least the wait time is cut down. Hopefully we will contine to get the good news we so desperately desire.

A took his radioactive pill on monday. Having to keep away from him has been strange, but doable. Monday evening he slept most of the time and I puttered around the apartment. Tuesday we attempted to complete some paperwork and bickered from opposite corners of the room. Tonight we can actually spend time sitting next to each other. The next phase of treatment, the beam radiation, will begin in a few weeks and is estimated to be concluded by the beginning of June.

Although I do my best not to get too caught up in all of this, I can't deny that it does take a toll on me. My emotional side gets so angry at times at A for making us have to go through all of this and thwarting all of our (my) plans. Even though logically I know that it's not his fault and he's not particularly happy about it either, which makes me feel guilty for being angry at him. I know that I'm going through a normal range of emotions with this, but it still feels like this guilty internal struggle. I can't wait until I can look back on this from a distance.

I added a poll to the blog because I'm curious how people found this (meaning this, the Oh The Life blog, at either location)blog. Cast your vote and fulfill my curiousity!


nec Timide said...

I'm so happy you were able to make it past the deadline. Hope the good news continues.

BTW Other in my case was Blogging Pilots.

Someday said...

Awesome. That's the site I was trying to remember the name of.

Partner of a Pilot said...

FANTASTIC NEWS! I'm SO pleased for you that you made it past the year!

msflyerswife said...

I'm so glad! I was hoping you'd get encouraging news soon! Chin up and keep us posted on your family's progress. We're all pulling for you!

Kristen said...

Hope the chemo pills work! My ex's father had to take them for prostate cancer and I believe he's cancer-free, now.