Thursday, March 20, 2008

Finally some sunshine

It's been so hectic lately that I haven't had time to blog. I've finally got a spare moment. So many times I've been driving or doing something at home and a thought that I want to blog about pops into my head, but I don't have time to write about it at that moment.

A made it through surgery and is home doing fine. He is healing well and the surgeon says he is on the right path. The surgery was intense, but went well. He'll now sound like a grizzled old veteran pilot instead of the fresh faced youngster he is. We finally got a break and found an Oncologist who is also a pilot (CMEL) and previously was a flight surgeon in the AF. Not only has he worked with pilots in the past, but he understands all of the FAA regs and intricacies of medicals. And, he'll complete the LTD paperwork that we've been stymied with (b/c, it seems, that not a single Endocrinologist here "does disability paperwork"). I feel great about having him as a physician. The next step is for A to take radioactive iodine (on 4/1) and then later to have daily radiation treatments for 6 weeks.

The airline continues to be wonderful to us. Many generous pilots donated to our paypal account, most are people A has never even met. The Chief Pilot and Base Administrator have been working to keep us active (fingers crossed it's going to work...). The company is offering COLA's (company offered leave of absence or voluntary furlough). It doesn't bode well for the company to have an excess of pilots, but for us, it's a lucky break. If A can get one, it will give us not only insurance, but also flight benefits and seniority protection for another few months. If we make it to one year (just one more pay period now), then we'll also be eligible for FMLA protections.

Emotionally we are doing well. A says it's hard for him to believe he really has cancer because other than the surgery recovery he feels fine. It's almost surreal for him. It's a bit more real for me, as the one dealing with all of the doctors, company, friends and family. But we are doing well. I'm not one to get wound up about things b/c I know it won't change the outcome. I did finally have a crying session yesterday while talking to A and felt better about things afterwords. I can't complain about having a househusband around to help take care of things I don't have time for.
I think one thing I miss the most is my alone time. I'm either at work, in the car with Kidzilla (we commute together) or at home with both the boys. My bed has been invaded full time and I just always have someone wanting my attention. We've had (some sincere and some not) offers from friends to let them know if we want/need anything. Well what I really want is for someone to steal me away for a manicure, pedicure and an afternoon to read a book. But then again, I just want to be with my boys b/c I am away from them nearly 40 hours a week. Sometimes it's hard for this caregiver to find time to care for herself.

It's frustrating sometimes, to have to deal with whiney people who have lame excuses. It's prime time at my job right now, the busiest it is all year. Lots of paperwork being turned by people and lots of excuses about why they couldn't get it in on time and the like. All I can think about is- I'm sorry, you think you have problems? Let me tell you what I have on my plate b/c I guarentee it's more and I'm still getting my shit done on time. To each their own I guess.

This weekend we are going to enjoy the fine FL weather before it gets too hot. We've got a family hike planned on a trail we haven't tried yet. That's me, blazing trails in more ways than one.

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