Thursday, August 16, 2007


A's been home and gone again for another week. Kid's coming home from his 28 days a year w/ dad. World just keeps on spinning.

I've noticed a semi predictable cycle for A's absences.
First 12 hours apart- Say goodbye,while not feeling so bad about seperation; I am woman, hear me roar.
Hours 12-30- Start missing A, thinking of all the things I should have done/done one more time. Get all sad and mopey, blame him for: being left in FL, waking up lonely, bad weather...
Hours 30- 24 days prior to return- Talk to A about 3 times a day, make plans with friends, run errands, live life in general. Fall into lazy habits like leaving dishes in sink, eating sandwiches for dinner, taking over entire bed.
24 hrs to return to 5 hrs to return- Panic as realization sets in that he will be home soon and I need to clean up the house, legs need shaving, take care of those things I said I would do. Begin compiling overly long list of things I need A to do when he gets home.
9 hrs to return- return time Get excited because A is on his way home. Get mad and irrationally blame him for inevitable flight delays. Feel relief when he finally arrives home.

I'm not usually an Avril Levigne fan, but A downloaded a song that he said reminds him of me and what I talk about when I say I miss him. The song is "When You Are Gone". Particularly the lyrics about "the bed where you lie is made up on your side" and "the clothes that you left, lie on the floor, and smell just like you" make him think of me b/c I swear I've said those exact things. I've been known to dig a shirt of A's out of the laundry and keep it in the bed on some of my harder days. It was so sweet to know that A was thinking about me and felt reminded of me by a song on the radio. He must have been missing his family b/c he downloaded a couple of missing you type songs.

When I logged on to start this post, I saw I had had 10101 visitors. I feel awesome about having broken the 10,000 mark. And the number is just wonderfully binary, for those nerds in the herd. Thanks for all the visits and comments! Keep them coming and I'll keep posting.

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